Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many Weapons can I qualify?

A: Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. allows up to 6 weapons on your License.  We include up to 3 in our class price…if you have more, there is a $30 fee.  The additional is not per gun but allows you an additional 1 to 3 weapons.


Q: Do I have to wait until my Interview Date before I can take the Initial or Renewal Qualification Course?

A: NO…your Qualification Course MUST BE within 180 days of your interview date.  So, we recommend you book your training as soon as you start your application process.


Q: What type of Holster is required?

A: We require an outside the waistband (OWB) holster for the Initial Qualification Course.  A Safariland GLS, Fobus, BladeTech, or similar holster is adequate.  We discourage the use of “Serpa” type holsters, that require you to push a button on the outside of the holster to draw the weapon.  Cordura or leather can also be problematic due to the fact they usually have some type of retention strap that gets in the way.  RENEWAL CLIENTS may use IWB (Inside the Waistband) holsters if they are proficient with their use.  If you are qualifying multiple weapons, you are only required to have one for your primary training weapon.


Q: What type of Magazine Pouch do I need?

A: Like the holster, we recommend a hard kydex style, double mag pouch.  If you are qualifying multiple weapons, you are only required to have one for your primary training weapon.


Q: How many magazines are required?

A: You will need an absolute minimum of 2…However… we highly recommend you have at least 3!! Magazines have been known to break/malfunction…you can never own too many magazines for your weapons.


Q:  How many rounds are required?

A:  In the Initial 8 Hour Course, you will use up to 150 rounds for your primary (training) weapon.  That round count would include the 18 necessary for the actual Qualification shoot.  Renewal Clients will only need 18 per weapon… assuming they pass the qualification on their first attempt.


Q: What does the Qualification Shoot require?

A: The actual Qualification shoot requires that you fire a total of 18 rounds, from 3 distances.  You will fire 6 rounds from 7 yards (21ft), 10 yards (30ft), and 15 yards (45ft) for a total of 18.  Your qualification target is a police standard B-27 target.  Minimum passing score is 70% in the prescribed area.  You will be required to do this with each weapon on your license.