Courses and Private Sessions Available

Most Courses Are Available as Private Sessions – Contact us for details!

Basic Pistol Course  $250

(Approximately 3 Hours)

Class includes:

Range fees
Free use of firearms if you don’t have your own. 
Ear/Eye protection provided.
Basic Firearms Safety
Types of Pistols
Ammunition for Our Weapons

We can offer classes most days of the week!

Intermediate Pistol Course   $300

You should have a thorough knowledge of safety and your personal firearm before taking this class.


Draw Technique
Target Acquisition Principles
Threat Awareness
Controlled and Rapid Fire
Simple Movement
200 – 300 Rounds Required

Ask about Group and Couples Discounts!


Riverside County &

16 Hour Initial Course

$175 – Up to 3 Weapons

8 Hour Renewal Course 

$175 – Up to 3 Weapons

More than 3 weapons – Additional $30

We have developed an ALPHA COURSE and a BRAVO COURSE.  Both are distinct in material covered, and each are 8 hours in length.

Initial applicants (16 Hour Requirement) must book an ALPHA COURSE and a BRAVO COURSE, to meet that requirement.

Renewal applicants (8 Hour Requirement) must only take the BRAVO COURSE.

These courses will be booked separately, but Initial Applicants MUST take the ALPHA COURSE before the BRAVO COURSE.

We will offer the courses on a weekend so you may take the ALPHA COURSE on Saturday, and the BRAVO COURSE the next day, Sunday. If that does not work for you, you may select the BRAVO COURSE on any later date offered.

To clarify why we must offer 2 distinct courses, let us explain:
Both Initial and Renewal applicants must take the same classroom portion of the Course. Renewal applicants will only need to re-qualify with their
weapons, and take the classroom portion (BRAVO COURSE), but don’t require the full first time work up and training we teach the Initial Applicants (ALPHA COURSE). Initial Applicants will spend their first day training with their weapons, then, will take the BRAVO COURSE a second day which will include the actual weapons qualification.



CCW Class Dates Coming Soon.

Minimum Equipment:

Holster, Mag Pouch, 3 Magazines, 150 rounds of ammo for primary training weapon – 30 rounds for each additional weapon.

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course – $100

As an Add-on to the Riverside County Course – $40

The Utah Non-Resident Concealed Firearms Permit is Recognized in 31 States!

The class is 4 hours long, does not involve live fire, and covers everything you need to know to submit your application!

If you have a group of people wishing to take the class together, we can come to you!  Minimum group size is 3 people. Contact us for group discounts, and to make arrangements!