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To our valued Clients…

We have received many inquiries into our CCW Qualification Courses, both the Initial and Renewal options. As you are probably aware, the State of California, under Senate Bill 2, 2023/24, and its Emergency Regulations published on December 8, 2023, created a new process for approving any instructor offering CCW Qualification Courses, creating another licensing bureaucracy in the State.

With the help of our Sheriff, Chad Bianco, and his staff at the Ben Clark Training Center, those CCW Vendors willing to pay for, and qualify for the POST Certification as Instructor/Rangemaster were allowed to take the 40-hour Certification Course normally available only to law enforcement.

I decided to accept that offer of additional training and completed the course December 18th through December 22nd, 2023. The State Department of Justice did not allow us to apply for the new State License until January 1, 2024, which I actually did on New Year’s Day. The State sent an email on January 18th acknowledging receipt of the documents required but said they wouldn’t guarantee or estimate how long the approval process would take.

The week of February 12th, some vendors have received denials, apparently because the DOJ is requiring, we provide them with the POST Certification of the Deputies that qualified and certified us during the 40-hour class. OBVIOUSLY, the State of California is doing everything they can to slow down or eliminate as many CCW Vendors as they can, thus, denying your right to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights!

I will continue to post updates, and as soon as I receive MY license, we will post our training calendar for 2024. Remember…your vote matters!!

Thank You for Your Patience!

Mike Foley….POST Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor, California DOJ Certified FSC Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification CCW Instructor